Photography is my full-time passion, but my full-time career is managing MDOT’s Maryland Port Administration’s marine terminals at the Port of Baltimore.  My family and I have been living in the state of Maryland since 2014, and prior to that our home was Savannah, GA.  Since both of my 2 beautiful daughters have grown into beautiful young ladies, my wife and I are becoming empty nesters.  This has allowed me to spend more time focusing on what being a photography really means and developing a skill and use of terminology that most folks find to be more like a foreign language.  Capturing memories whether big or small has always been truly important to me.  As my children were growing up, we would photograph everything from every dance recital, soccer game, horse riding lesson, to countless cheer competitions.  Nothing ever got missed out on being recorded in time with an image.  Little did I know I was paving the path that has led up to considering myself to be a true photographer. 
Even as a young child I had a fascination with cameras, from the mechanics, to how the heck did an image come from a roll of smelly plastic.  I remember being very young and finding my parents instant Polaroid camera.  I would go around snapping photos of any and everything, and having the best time, until I was caught and got into serious trouble for using up all the expensive film.  Finally, one Christmas I received a Kodak 110 35mm Point and Shoot, and it was serious business from there. Unfortunately, 80% of the film was never developed, which is a shame, because I would have loved to see my memories captured from my childhood eyes.  
As I got older and entered the digital world, it made it even more convenient to snap photo’s, but I never really knew the dynamics of photography as an art.  I only knew to push the button; the camera does all the work.  It wasn’t until my children were older, that I am became extremely interested in the true meaning of photography.  My first SLR camera was a used entry level Canon EOS Rebel XT from around 2005 that I had won as a bid from an online auction.  I just knew I was a big-time photographer then, because it had interchangeable lenses.  It didn’t take long to realize that it nothing to do with being a photographer, but rather a tool used by one.  It was then I began my true journey into learning, which was a daunting task coming in later in life.  Who knew that you could control light by using the exposure triangle?  I spent countless hours studying courses in school settings and online, reviewing materials, researching other well-known photographers, looking for mentors, even watched YouTube in between it all.  Then practice, practice, practice, and then practice some more, until I could master camera angles, light vs shadows, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to name a few.  I began attending every photography workshop I could within a 50-mile radius.  I also purchased my first premium full frame camera, which is a Canon 6D Mark II, while still using my old Rebel XTi as a backup.  I had finally tapped into something that I feel is truly amazing, and it has now taught me to see the world entirely different.  Everywhere I go now I see potential compositions.  I visualize how light reflects off different objects, how lines affect my focal points, and how precious a memory frozen in time will become one day.
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